Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am so cold

Dear Diary,

Would someone please turn on the heat? They told me they would, but it is taking ages to warm up here. I just can't size the two of them up. 

There I was, naked, no clothes, no passport, freezing cold. I had no recollection of having sex but the tell-tale sticky wetness between my legs was a dead giveaway. 

I got up, rummaged through Liam’s chest of drawers until I found some stretchy cotton sport pants, a t-shirt and a sweat shirt and I headed for the shower. I locked the shower door and heard a few pairs of heavy footsteps coming up the steps. The shower squealed as I turned the tap on and hot water stung against my cold legs. 

I quickly went back into Liam's room and locked the door here as well. The towel smelled like a mixture of bleach and damp as I toweled my hair. A knock sounded at the door. It was both Sven and Pieter. I backed up without a word and let them enter.

“It’s very cold in here. Could someone turn on the heat?” I said.

“Liam didn’t pay his heating bill this month,” Pieter said. He was a tick taller than Sven and seemed to be the boss. “That’s why he’s out working. His tastes are too expensive.”

“I thought he worked here,” I said.

“Yes, he does, but he has other work, too.”

“When is he coming back?” I said.

“Not for another week, I assume,” Pieter said. “He’s on holiday with a rich widow.”

Sven laughed when he saw my eyebrows shoot up.

“What did he tell you he did?” Pieter said.

I looked away. He never told me anything about himself.

Sven laughed again, “They only have sex,” he said. “They don’t talk.” 

“Come downstairs with us. We’ve made a lot of stew. Fresh bread. Come have something to eat.”

I crossed the room and rummaged through one of the drawers until I found socks.

“Where are my things?” I said to Sven. “Everything is gone.”

“What, your clothes?" Pieter said. "Liam gave them to our neighbor to be washed. Seems he’s quite smitten with his new pet.”  

Sven laughed again. It's still ringing in my ears. Half sinister, half childish, completely intriguing. 

Love, Jess

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